"The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek"

Joseph Campbell

I'm a small statured man with mediumistic ability who is also an empath (an 'empath' is someone who can feel other people's emotions as their own). I take my work seriously, and believe my responsibility is to provide you with an accurate and comprehensive reading. I tend to shoot from the hip and call a spade a spade, so the empathic bent to my delivery ensures that I can share all I see in a way that you will be able to handle. I've been a professional psychic/medium for more than thirty years and still retain many of my original clients. If you would like to know what they had to say about their readings, please navigate to the testimonials page.
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People often ask me "When did you first learn you were psychic?" The best answer would be "When I realized that everyone else wasn't." My earliest experience was having what I could only call a 'knowing' - an impression that for some inexplicable reason I knew was true beyond the shadow of a doubt. Years later, I learned that this phenomena is called 'claircognizance', or 'clear knowing'. It is very much like a gut feeling, but the difference is that a claircognitive experience comes out of the blue and is often predictive, rather than a reaction or response to something we've heard or are faced with. Its like knowing the answer before the question is asked.
Clairvoyance and clairaudience (clear seeing, clear hearing) followed soon afterward. At first they only occurred when I handled an object or shook hands with someone (that's called 'psychometry') and then later, without physical contact ("Look, Mom - no hands!"). These aren't literal visual or auditory experiences; they are more like remembering a scene from a movie or remembering the sound of someone's voice when you recall a conversation you've had with them.
I am my own greatest skeptic. My personal philosophy is 'Believe in nothing so that everything remains possible'. Why? Because once we commit to a belief system, we must then exclude anything that doesn't conform with those beliefs. There are just too many things we don't know for sure to either dismiss or embrace any idea with dogmatic conviction, and that includes psychic readings.
You are my only true judges. As a reader, it is necessary to transcend ego and focus on the message, not the messenger. After all, that's why people engage my time. So far, I've had absolute proof through your positive feedback that the readings I've provided have been accurate and helpful. As long as that continues, I will continue reading for you. If that ever changes, I will be happy to lie in bed all day eating bon-bons watching "Medium" and "Psychic Kids" re-runs.

If you'd like an appointment or have any questions, please go to the Contact page and send me an email. I'd love to hear from you!