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FOUNDATIONS OF MAGIC was first written in 1971. At that time, it was a ten week course devoted to the study and practice of various ancient temple texts that had been painstakingly translated into modern language.

I first taught this course in a metaphysical store in Greenwich Village, and word of it spread quickly. The course provided step by step instructions, rituals and prayers that had been used for centuries to create transformation into one’s everyday life.

Now, 40 years later, it is still going strong. During those years, science has been able to explain many phenomena that were formerly considered metaphysical events. The inclusion of that scientific data has transformed this workshop series into a valuable and practical tool for self-empowerment.

The objective of this series is to share these practices and teach you to breathe life into them once again. This is by no means an easy course of study, and you will be required to do a lot of home study. If you choose to be serious and accountable, you will develop skills that will help you revise and rewrite the next chapter of your own life story.

This course of study is in no way denominational, and should not be considered to be in conflict with anyone's personal spiritual beliefs, pursuits or practices. All you need is an open mind and a willing spirit.
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TAROT AS A SECOND LANGUAGE is an eight week workshop series that is designed to teach you all you will ever need to know about Cartomancy. During the eight weeks it takes to complete this course, you will learn to read the Tarot as a second language rather than an art or skill.

Just as Egyptian hieroglyphs represent complete concepts rather than individual words, the numerology and symbolism of the Tarot does the same. It is only when we combine our technical skill along with our intuitive ability that we can provide information that is both valuable and pertinent.

At first, you will be trained to "write" with the cards. Once you have accomplished that skill, you will develop a more intimate connection with them. Then, they will reveal the hidden meanings of their numbers, symbols and patterns. After that, we will work on developing your intuitive ability, and your own skills of clairvoyance and clairaudience will emerge.

Understanding the symbolism and numerology of the cards is only a portion of the entire process. These two skills are important factors, but used alone, they will only give you a technical explanation of the patterns the cards make.

So, throw away the book that came with your deck and open yourself to this new technique that will have you reading detailed and personal messages that go beyond simple interpretation.