Please take a moment to let me know if the service I've provided for you has been helpful. Your honest feedback helps me to do my best, so please share your thoughts about your visit or service. Thank you so much for your comments!
  • Good Karma blowing your way, Anthony!
    Your Tarot readings are vivid and give both insight and direction.
    I also had the opportunity to take the Tarot Extreme class. The lectures you offered were followed by and interactive on-line course to re-inforce the material learned during the class. You always made yor self available for questions and gave us projects to re-enforce our learning. The handouts (which are a copywrighted un-published text) will keep Tarot Extreme an alive, enduring experience.
    Whenever I see you, I can also anticipate the greeting, “Have you been reading?”
    You are truly talented and gifted at your “craft”. Victoria - 3/20/10

  • Congratulations on your new place and new venture!!
    Anthony’s readings have been very “spot on” for me, and have been very helpful.
    He’s very honest, he tells you how it is, the facts, not just what you would like to hear. He offers sensible guidance appropriate to the situation in question.
    He is one of the people who has helped me transform my life to what I want to and empower myself.
    Good luck, Anthony!
    Princess - 3/19/10

  • Congratulations, Anthony, and best wishes for much success on your new venture.
    I know your talents, empathy and the goodness (which I have particularly experienced) will ensure that success expands tenfold.
    I can’t wait to see your new space –
    my best,
    Kathy B - 3/20/10

  • Congratulations Anthony
    Your readings have helped me through many a shaky time throughout the years. I am so happy that you finally got your own place!
    Can’t wait to see it,
    Lynn R - 3/19/10

  • Anthony your readings have gotten me through some very confusing times.
    I have been to many tarot readers and you are by far the best. Always on point!
    I do love how you always make me laugh.
    Love you and see you soon.
    Anna - 3/23/10

  • Anthony I’m so glad to have found your website.
    The readings that you have done for me and my son (and soon my daughter too!) have been so helpful. I appreciate your skill and intuition but it is your compassion that makes your readings so special. Congratulations on your new space!
    Thanks again,
    Nalini - 4/4/10

  • I’m so glad I finally found you again!
    I almost gave up after getting the run-around from the other place you worked.
    I thought I would never ever get a good reading again. Nobody else comes close.
    Thanks for being there. You’re the best!
    LS/NYU - 6/28/10

  • Anthony, What a beautiful website!
    I’m grateful to have crossed your path, for you are an inspiration to me and to most others.
    My hope one day is free up and live life to the extent you’ve been recommending.
    Best wishes,
    Sherley - 8/1/10
  • Anthony is truly a spiritual teacher who not only gives accurate readings but is also very compassionate while still remaining honest. He has encouraged me to embrace life and move forward no matter how difficult the process.
    I am truly a changed young woman,who has not only become greatly in tune with my strengths but has also been taught to turn those things that I may internally struggle with from time to time into positives so that they don’t takeover my life.
    I owe a tremendous amount of my growth to you,dear sir! You’ve helped me to understand things about myself that I may have never discovered on my own in this lifetime.
    Thanks for always rooting for me Anthony
    Zoe - 8/20/10

  • Anthony, Impressive site!
    Your new space is awesome. Made me feel relaxed and tranquil. Loved everything about it!
    Will definitely stop by for another reading soon. You are an inspiration to all.
    Keep us all smiling.
    DA - 3/11/11

  • Anthony is the real deal!
    His readings are clear and detailed. He tells you the reality of the situation and marks the line between what he sees and his advice to you.
    After each reading I feel better, motivated, hopeful, etc.
    One thing I never am is disappointed.
    Juliet - 4/13/11

  • I’m so glad I found you again!
    It took me more than a year, but my persistence paid off.
    Your new space is so much nicer than the other place, and the reading you gave me last Friday was right on target (as usual). I will be telling everyone else where to find you, and we will all be coming in to see you again.
    Best of luck, and expect to hear from all of us soon!
    James K - 8/30/11

  • Anthony, I love the changes you’ve been making to your website and am looking forward to more information on “Anthony Central.”
    Can’t wait to take some of your new course offerings –
    Kathy - 9/16/11
  • Had a wonderful life-affirming reading with Anthony Today. Felt like talking with a long-time trusted friend. Choices in my present were described with realism and balanced discussion of both my abilities and foibles. Thank you for a truly enjoyable review of past, present and future in a usable format. Really liked the overview to specific funneling of the information. Look forward to doing this again.
    Tonia 12/8/13