Psychic, Not Psycho

The word 'psychic' often conjures up visions of bat-shit crazy people hovering over a crystal ball, speaking in riddles, making wild gesticulations and shouting "Abracadabra!" until they suddenly drop into a trance. Next thing you know, you're being asked to part with some of your hard earned cash to "remove the dark forces that surround you". What a crock… Unfortunately, it is precisely because of these street corner charlatans that the word 'psychic' has become synonymous with the word 'bullshit'.

Contrary to what people often think, it’s possible to be tapped into your psychic side AND sensible, down to earth and grounded. In short: We are all gifted. The gifts of intuition, psychic ability, clairvoyance, and mediumship don't belong only to the "special people". You don't need to have had a psychic grandmother, be struck by lightning, or be initiated into some obscure, exotic Mystery Tradition. These talents and gifts were pre-installed as part of our 'standard package options' when we came off the assembly line. Everybody has them, but few actually use them. All you need to develop them is:

  • 1) The curiosity to find them within yourself
  • 2) The courage to claim them as your own
  • 3) The commitment to use them accountably

In coming blogposts, I will go into greater detail on each of our inborn talents, but for now, I would like you to just think about this:

"In the beginning, there was….. ummm….. not so much, really…"

Long before there was religion, before there were even gods, there were the local “wise ones”. Did you ever wonder who taught the very first “wise ones”? They were the local healers and elders. They established the moral code that governed social interaction among their families and tribes. They provided healing, counsel and eventually were responsible for structured ritual that served a twofold purpose: to appease the forces of nature and to provide a sense of community and respect among their brethren. They had no teacher, they had no organized religion - they didn’t even have a god! What they did have was a thirst for knowledge, a capacity for healing, and a strong sense of community preservation.

These little tribes of people - some only 30 to 40 strong - knew just how savage their world could be. Even without the danger from predatory animals that roamed their settlements, there was an even greater threat for them to contend with: Nature. Everyone relied on their innate “sixth” sense to keep their community safe, strong and growing. Precognition, which is described as "the foreknowledge of coming events", was not only commonplace but was considered a responsibility of all community members. It was not unusual to "know" that a predatory animal was lurking in the brush, or that the neighboring tribe was planning to come and kick your ass, or that there was a drought or a tornado coming. There was an inborn precognitive ability to sense these things ahead of time which was not considered to be unusual. In fact, it was necessary for survival.

It was the advent of The Bronze Age that began to characterize our natural inborn abilities as unsavory. As mankind developed stronger weapons, the military took stewardship of society, rendering the 'wise ones' less and less relevant. Ultimately, healers and seers were perceived as a threat to the powers that be, and a few millennia later, many were burned at the stake or hanged. Even today, they are considered crackpots, charlatans or, by some churches, evil incarnate. There are still anti-witchcraft laws in effect in many states that prohibit psychic readings.

We still have access to our inborn precognitive abilities. There are a number of ways to find them, dust them off and put them back to use, but first you must be willing to explore them. It is easy enough to do once you locate them within yourself, and after a bit of practice, you will be able to access them at will and deepen your sensitivity to each of them.

In coming posts, I would like to publish exercises that will strengthen your abilities of claircognizance, clairaudience, clairvoyance and clairsentience. Before I do that, I need to know if those who read this blog are interested in learning how to develop those abilities.

Please leave your thoughts below, and know that I will begin laying the foundation for your development as soon as you let me know you're interested.
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